Should I share folders or can others simply use their own Odrives?

I have multiple google drive accounts, that are also accessed by my business partners. Let’s just say, they’re googleA, googleB and googleC.
I am using odrive on my personal computer to link my multiple google drives in one place.
Would it be more efficient for my business partners to also use odrive, and link the same google drives their odrives, or should we be sharing the odrive folders
Is there any functionality that is better one way or the other?

Hi @workspacestudios,
There are a few ways to do this:
1 - Provide you partners with the credentials for those Google Drives and have them link them through odrive. This will give them full access to everything in those accounts and they will have your credentials. Normally this is not something users will want to do, but it may be fine in your case.

2 - Use odrive Spaces to create specific containers of the data you want to share ( This allows you specify exactly what you want shared and with whom without providing your account credentials. The users of the shares can access the date within the odrive clients, including being able to sync.

3 - Share the content you want from within the Google Drive web client (using their standard sharing mechanism) and have your users access that content within their own Google Drive accounts, which they can link to odrive. This is similar to #2, but the sharing management is done via Google instead of odrive (which has its own quirks) and the users are required to have their own Google accounts to access the shared content.

All 3 options should give you the general end-result you you want, but they have different accessibility, privacy, and management concerns, as stated above.