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I couldn’t find the answer in the topics below, but when I send a sharing link for a dropbox folder I want the user to be able to download the entire folder and all its contents. How could that be done via odrive?

Hi @john3,
Apologies for the inconvenience, but our weblink feature doesn’t currently support bulk download. It is more designed for quick, one-off sharing. We have seen many folks utilize the Windows or Mac built-in zip feature for the items they want to share and then create a weblink for that zip file. This can end up being a decent solution for many because:

  1. You can target the specific items you want, without needing to create additional structure or move/duplicate/rearrange items to isolate the files you want to share.

  2. The process is really simple:

  • Multi-select the items that you want to share
  • Right-click->Send to->“Compressed (zipped) folder” on Windows or Right-click->Compress on MacOS
  • Right-click on the new zip file->“Copy Share Link to Clipboard”, after odrive has automatically uploaded the file.

Beyond that:

  • Our Spaces feature was created to cater more to bulk operations and ongoing collaboration. With Spaces a user can sync your shared folders directly to their desktop, making access and collaboration very easy. More about this here: Sharing

Thank you for the quick reply

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How can we request this feature? This is something that makes my user base use other platforms to share their files. If there were a bulk download, or checkbox selection to pick items to download, that would significantly improve odrive’s functionality.

I would also love to see that functionality added to ODrive.
That would make it more like the other cloud storage services.