Sharelink stops working


I’ve had several customers report they cannot download files added to a shared folder, even though the sharelink works. The first files work and then at some point downloads stop working - they just die after downloading a few megabytes. I’ve tried sending a direct link to just to just the specific file, and that seems to work. Also shared folders with other odrive users also have issues downloading. I’m using Amazon Drive, is there an issue with that service?


Hi @cbelcher,
There aren’t any issues that we are aware of.

Can you tell me a bit about these shared folders?

  • Is the issue with files of all sizes, or only larger files?
  • Will the files download normally after waiting a while?
  • How many different users are downloading from these links?
  • Do you have an example shared folder that is exhibiting this behavior that you can send to me privately to test with?

When the shared link page is loaded, it creates a time-sensitive links, under the covers, for each file on that page. If enough time elapses since that shared link page has been loaded in the browser, the file links on that page will expire. If you refresh the browser page (click the refresh/reload button), new file links will be generated.

If there are several large files on a single page, users can run into this issue since it takes a long time to download all of the files.

If it takes more than one hour to download a file, and the link expires, will the client be left with an incomplete download? I have a client unable to download a complete or uncorrupted 12GB file.

Hi @cbelcher,
The link expiration mentioned here won’t affect an in-progress download.

Downloading 12GB in a single shot over the web can definitely be problematic, though, if the download speed is not very fast.

What is the backing storage for the data?

Is it possible to break up the file as a zip set to allow them to download in pieces?


The file is stored on Amazon Cloud Drive. I’ll try breaking it up and see if that works better for them.

Thanks again,

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