Shared With Me Google Drive Problem

I see a folder in ODRIVE that i don´t see (and it´s OK because I shouldn´t) in my Google Drive.

How can I solve this?


Hi @jonathanhajmi,
Are you talking about the “Shared With Me” folder? This folder is expected to be there and is the equivalent of the “Shared With Me” section on the left column when looking at the Google Drive web client.

Please look at the images. They are both showing the same folder.
FOTOS CHE shouldn´t be seen in the folder

Hi @jonathanhajmi,
Does this folder also show up in the odrive web client?

I have seen a couple of cases where our query to Google Drive gives us back items that are not listed in Google’s own “Shared with Me” listing. In these cases there isn’t much we can do, since Google is telling us these files/folders are there.

If you are interested, you can simulate the query we are making, yourself, on Google’s own pages, just to verify the return.

This page allows queries to be made against your Google Drive, as part of the Google Developer tools:

Here is a screenshot of what you should enter:

The maxResults parameter is: 1000
The q parameter is: sharedWithMe and trashed = false

You should only need to select “” and “” for the scopes.

Click on “Execute” and it will kick off the query, spitting the results at the bottom of the page. I expect that the return will contain the FOTOS CHE folder.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I woluld suggest you doing that. You know how to speak that language.
Please let me know when it is solved.
Every change I do on the folder FOTOS CHE, the cnanges are being downloeaded 2 times to my computer and it is a bit anoying.

Hi @jonathanhajmi,
I actually can’t do this since I don’t have access t your account. If Google is providing this info to us there isn’t a whole lot we can do to prevent it. I just wanted to make sure that was the case.

Where is the other “FOTOS CHE” folder. If it is just a matter of removing duplicate downloads, you should be able to right-click->unsync the “Shared With Me\FOTOS CHE” folder to turn it back into a placeholder file. Then you can just work out of the other location and not worry about duplicates.

Sory for the delay.
I can´t “unsync” because I don´t use a paid version. Is there any other way to do this?

Hi @jonathanhajmi,
This is counterintuitive and I don’t like to recommend it often, but you can delete the “Shared With Me” folder and then recover it from the odrive trash.