Shared storage (spaces) - duplicate files?

I created my first Shared Space which has worked really well except…

  1. I put a bunch of files in, sync’d them, all good
  2. I renamed the files. Again all good - the new names showed on everyone’s computers
  3. I created some new folders and dragged the files into them to reorganise them. PROBLEM!

My computer is fine; when I view the share using “Open Web Preview”) it shows all the files. What have I done wrong?

Not all the files on my desktop (Windows 7, odrive 5184) show the odrive status overlay (the ones which don’t are the files which are showing up twice), but all say they are sync’d.

Hi Peter,
Can you post a screenshot and some additional details about what you are seeing? I am not clear enough on the issue being observed.

If you have some steps I can use to try to reproduce, that would also be great.


Sure - here’s what shows in my desktop client (and should show on the web):

And here’s what odrive’s web interface shows:

If I drill into the “Morning Bible Reading” folder, where all the Vaughan Roberts files should be:

And via the web they are there too - a duplicated copy over those in the parent folder (plus one file is missing):

So… some files are duplicated, others are missing.

Steps to reproduce

As to steps to reproduce, I’ve managed it very easily:

  1. Create a new space - I called it “Test for odrive” and on Amazon Cloud Drive created a new folder also named “Test for odrive”
  2. Go to the new folder and wait for it to sync
  3. Drop 3 images into the “Test for odrive” folder
  4. While they are syncing, I created two new folders in the same directory: “My test folder” and 20 seconds later “Another folder”
  5. Keep checking the odrive system tray icon until all files have sync’d
  6. Drag (move, not copy) two of the files to “My test folder” and one to “Another folder”
  7. Wait for everything to finish syncing
  8. Right click in Windows explorer and choose “Open Web Preview”

This is what I see:

And this is what I expect to see:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the details. I am not able to reproduce what you are seeing. Can you submit a diagnostic? It would be very beneficial if you can create this again and then send it over.


Submitted - sent over about 90 seconds ago!

What I see in the web view is what I also see via Amazon Cloud Drive’s web interface - it’s my local odrive folder that’s incorrect.

I’ll be looking shortly at the diag, but can you try performing a right-click-> odrive refresh on the folder that appears incorrect?

Hi @peter1,
I took a look and I think you may be seeing something that has since been corrected as part of some move tracking enhancements in the latest version of odrive. Can you grab it and try this scenario again?


Hi Tony, thanks - isn’t odrive meant to keep itself up-to-date? I’ve been looking in the System Tray icon for a ‘check for updates’ or ‘Update now’ feature, but seen nothing… I’ve downloaded the new installer from the link you provided.


We generally release to the download page first, then push to autoupdater a day or two after that. You can stay up to date on our releases and what they contain in the Announcements section: