Share links in bulk

Hello there!

Is there any way to share links in bulk? Trought API, Windows app or Web?

I Have more than 1K folders I want to share individually and creating each link is a pain.

Thank you!

Hi @japanpawpublic ,

Odrive does not currently support the bulk creation of shared links. A potential workaround is to put all in to a single directory and create a shared link for that. Otherwise if each directory is intended for a different party it will need to be done manually, one at a time.

While odrive does support file/folder sharing with multiple parties, it is not really designed nor intended to be used in this type of widespread, mass-distribution manner.

Thank you for your reply, checking the guides I see a paragraph that says mass-distribution of shared links could be against TOS, is there a criteria for that? My intention is to spread tons of specific folders but not in a massive-public way, if any folder is accessed let’s say less than 100 times or even just 5 to 10 times in some cases, would that be okay?

Hi @japanpawpublic,
Sorry for the late reply here. Yes, given your description, it is probably okay. How large are the files you are sharing?