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Is there no way for people to download multiple files and whole folders (as a zip file) from a share link without having to download each individual file separately? If not there really needs to be…

I’ve completely deleted Dropbox from my PC as I could see no need for it any more.

That was until realising that the share links I was sending people from Odrive were all but useless when they’re having to manually go in and download hundreds of files individually. I have to send the Dropbox link which to me makes the Odrive share feature a complete waste of time at the moment.


We are coming up with several new method for sharing files. We would like to do zip folder download. Can you provide some context to help us design the feature and clarify how you use share link:

  1. Are you regularly sending files?
  2. Do you send files to new people or the same group of people?
  3. How much data are you sharing each time?
  4. Are you sending just files or sub-folders as well?
  5. Is security an issue concern?
  6. Are the files to share always in one account or sometimes multiple account?
  7. Do you need to receive files?
  8. Are you using this for business?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Hi Peter,

I tend to use the right click shortcut to copy the share link and then paste that into an email.
(Would also be nice to have the option to send a password protected link from here too)

I keep getting complaints though that when the people I’m sending links to are unable to download a whole folder/multiple files at once. A file/Folder tree with selection tick boxes along the side allowing the receiver to choose what files and folders they wish to download is what is required.

  1. Yes Very Regularly.
  2. Both but almost always via an emailed share link. (it would be very helpeful to restrict who can access these links and have more control to stop people from being able to re-share your links.
  3. anywhere from small text docs through to whole folders and individual files > Gb
  4. Files & Folders with Sub-folders
  5. No more than usual (a simple password to protect the link as you already have would be good enough for my needs)
  6. Always from 1 account though it would be quite useful to send files etc from separate accounts via the same link so you don’t have to move or create multiple copies of things across accounts.
  7. Yes so something like a file request option would be useful as you get with Dropbox.
  8. Both, Primarily for business but I also like to share photos and files with family and friends quite often.


I think at the very least the receiver should have the option to pick multiple files at once for download.

This saves a lot of time and makes odrive much more useable.

Some of us work with clients so sharing folders/files is part of our daly routine and keeping things as easy as possible for our clients is crucial


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Thanks Bonny,

This rather basic change will make the world of difference and I’m sure would encourage other people to try Odrive.

As it is at the moment when I send a link to multiple files the receiver views Odrive as an inconvenience as opposed to when I send a link directly from Dropbox.

Hi Peter,

Has there been any progress regarding the ability to download multiple items / whole folders from shared links?



We don’t have a date yet for bulk downloading from a shared link. It’s a priority, but there is a huge list.

Have you tried using spaces? It’s a free feature that lets you share a folder in odrive to anyone. The receiver gets an invite email, and the shared folder shows up in their odrive. They can use sync to bulk download. Look for “share space” on the right-click menu.


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without rules in spaces it makes it hard to use really. giving people online full access to the files and enables them to delete is a no go when sharing links IMO!

i guess ill do the 8 questions aswell:

1: send files most days, and many times each day to different people in general.
2: i send files to alot of different people on my hangouts while having a tight group aswell (where spaces work)
3: Data share depends on what im sharing with the people. it can be a few megs to many gigs. alot of the time its 2-4GB i think.
4: files and subfolders, a huge cloud needs to be sorted in folders.
5: security shouldnt be an issue at all. how secure the normal links are now is just fine. having open folders of all our shared links is a no go (unless we can pick whats open to the public)
6: almost always on the one account for me.
7: i rarely get files from other ODrive users in general, better of getting the files yourself from the source.
8: all personal and hobby use here.

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Has this been resolved? It is a feture I badly need!

Hi @stevev,
We don’t have this yet, but when using the Google Chrome browser, we provide an option to download all of the files within the current folder you are in:
It look like this:

Hi Tony. Really need to be able to send links to multiple folders for download.

We develop multiple rolls of film for photographers that are scanned. Each roll is saved into its own folder. Photographers then want to download all folders with files remaining in individual folders.

Hi @stephen2,
Understood. This isn’t possible, currently, via the web client. However, you could share via odrive Spaces and have your photographers use the desktop client to conveniently sync all of the data in the folders you share.

What’s the best way for me to “Me too” a feature request? Just a “Like” on the OP?

Hi @leefur,
The # of likes, # of views, and # of posts are all considered, so what you’ve already done is sufficient :slight_smile:

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Hi Tony,

I couldn’t help but wonder if there are plans to add this feature for Firefox ever?
It also doesnt appear to be available on Chrome anymore…

Hey @Lee_Cutler,
I missed this earlier. Chrome actually removed the feature we were using for this, so its currently not supported on any browser, unfortunately. It is still something we’d like to support, but hasn’t gotten priority as of yet.

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