Share Encrypted Files?

Is there ever an instance where you can share files in an encrypted folder. For example: You want to share information with someone and grant them access to the file that is encrypted.


Hi ,
You cannot create a shared link to Encrypted content. Currently the only way to share encrypted odrive files is by creating an Encryptor folder against a Space. This would require the recipient to also create an Encryptor folder against that Space, which means the recipient needs to have a Premium subscription.

The flow would look like this:
User A creates a Space (Enc_Space) for their shared files/folders
User A creates an Encryptor folder, pointing to Enc_Space
User A shares Enc_Space with User B
User B creates an Encryptor folder, pointing to Enc_Space
Now User A and User B can share encrypted files by working out of their respective Encryptor folders that are pointing to the Enc_Space Space

It is not super straightforward, but it is possible. We would like to offer better ways of doing this, in the future.

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I make use of a number of cloud services and use Drive to sync them all.

If I make use of encryption, how can I share these file with other users that do not make use of odrive as a sync agent?


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Hi @terence,
Please see the above post

Hi, i recently subscribed for the Odrive, and i was wondering if i can create any sharable links from odrive which are in encryptor folder, like streaming videos etc.

Hi @raghavareddykv,
Please see the post above.