SFTP partly working

I have access via the Odrive sync application on windows 10 to my local cloud storage via sftp. So far so good. The thing is that when I login to Odrive via the Odrive website I get the message that the folder cannot be searched. [Cannot browse WDMyCloud SFTP. SFTP server error.]

Anyone suggestions what I might be overlooking.

Hi @razenberg.peter,
When you want to access via the web client, the SFTP server will need to externally accessible, since it is our servers trying to browse versus your local desktop client. If the SFTP server is not accessible outside of your local network you will get this error.

If it is accessible externally, then it may be something else. If so, are you able to create a test user that I can use to try to connect, so I can check out what may be happening? You can send me the info privately, if this is something we can try.

Thanks, I think you are right Tony. If I try to connect from outside my home network I can not access the files via the sync application either. I will need to check my router settings first I think. Perhaps I do not have the right port open in my router settings for sftp. It must be something like that because the FTP connection is working correctly.

I have resolved the problem by adding a new setting for port 22 in my router. Thanks again for guiding me in the right direction.

Great! Thanks for the update @razenberg.peter