SFTP - Macbook - Odrive Desktop Client - Sync Errors

Hello, I’ve been having issues connecting to my SFTP server using the desktop odrive client for Macbook.

I can view and access files with no problem using the web browser and using an FTP client like Cyberduck. But when I try and download the folder using odrive desktop I just get an error.

I completely uninstalled odrive and reinstalled and was able to successfully download the main folder but nothing else. Nothing shows up in the Sync activity log, not even the error.

Any suggestions?

Hi @roachapproach ,
Can you reproduce the error and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I can take a closer look and see if there are any underlying errors shown.

Just let me know when you are able to send it.

Sending the report now.

Hi @roachapproach ,
Here is an example of an error that is ocurring:

RAISED remote_list_folder([u'uri=/93f71bef-36ea-449c-9f74-9e16b70f7eec-60a2c0d5/FOLDER:/FPI Work', u'pageToken=None']) --> NetworkException(code SFTP_NO_NETWORK caused by SFTPNetworkException(code SFTP_NO_NETWORK - SFTP socket error caused by SSHException(Unable to connect: [Errno 60] Operation timed out)))

You should be able to see this in the local “current_odrive_status.txt” file that is created in the root of the odrive folder when sending a diagnostic, too.

This indicates that odrive is attempting to connect to that IP address, but is not getting a response. Off the top of my head the possible causes could be:

  • The server is down or having issues
  • The server is blocking your connection (connection limits, falsely detecting malicious activity, etc.)
  • There is something in your environment that is interfering with the network connection. (Network monitoring software, firewall, anti-virus, VPN, proxy, endpoint protection, etc…).

Looking at the diagnostic, I can see where odrive was initially able to list the root folder, but then started failing on all listing attempts with network timeouts, including the root folder which had previously succeeded. Given that, I would lean towards the latter two:

  • The server instituting a temporary ban on your odrive connections (something like fail2ban or another service that is automating iptables rules to block connections).
  • Something was loaded (after a delay) within your environment that is now interfering with connections.

Once odrive is unable to connect, are you still able to create new connections and connect with CyberDuck on the same machine (exit Cyberduck and then start it again and connect)?

Yes no problem. Connects every time with Cyberduck.

Hi @roachapproach ,
If you are able to create a test account on that server and provide me the credentials, I can test from a couple of Mac and Windows systems and see if I encounter the same issue. If that is possible, you can send me the information privately via a direct message (click on my name and select “Message”).

  • Do you have any other computers you can test with? If so, do they experience the same issues?
  • Do you have any software running that falls into the categories I listed above that might be getting into the mix?