Several files listed as "Not Authorized"

I am using odrive on my Windows machine with Amazon and Google Drive and I have several files that are listed as “Not Authorized”. How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance,
RJ Bruneel

Hi @amazon10,
Do you have files listed this way in both Amazon and Google Drive? This is something I would expect if you are trying to write files to a Shared folder in Google Drive that you do not have write permissions to.

If it doesn’t appear to be that issue then can you please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu for me to look at and let me know when it is sent?

This is message I get when I click on the files: Amazon Cloud Drive has detected a conflict. I clicked the send diagnostics option.

Thank You,
RJ Bruneel

Hi @amazon10,
I have seen this happen occasionally when a file is uploaded to Amazon, Amazon reports it as a failure, but the file makes it up anyway. Then we try to upload the file again, but it is already there.

For the files in question, Can you try renaming them slightly (add a character to the end of the name, for example) on your local machine and seeing if that allows them to go up?

The files appear to be files that I deleted earlier, but for some reason they still had .cloud files. It might be that things got out of sync. I had some problems with my computer and it crashed in the middle of syncing files. Thanks for your help, I was able to clean them up.

Thanks for the update @amazon10! Glad you got it sorted out.