Setting up Odrive on a password protected storage device

I’m going to outline what I’m using Odrive for so that hopefully it’s clear what my issue is.

Our company uses Slack for all employee communication, and we use a public slack channel called Returns to post videos of products that have been returned to us, and the reason they’ve been returned. We need to keep these videos on file for a long time for record keeping purposes, but as we are using Slack for free, we can’t keep them all on Slack.

I’ve already implemented a script that will delete all files 30 days and older, but now I need to have all of the files from #returns saved locally. Here is where Odrive comes in.

I’ve set up Odrive correctly in terms of getting it to download just the files from the Returns channel. The issue I’m having is that I don’t want them being downloaded directly to my PC, I want them to download directly into a WD MyCloud EX2 that we use in the office to store files we all need access to.

The issue I’m having is that the drive itself requires you to log into it in order to view/edit/remove/etc any files. I logged in and changed my Odrive folder from my PC to this cloud, but obviously Odrive can’t use this location as it needs authorization.

My question is this. Is there any way to edit some config file to tell Odrive to log into that account in order to sync? Is there a file I can edit to input this info, or could I write a new script for Odrive to read and connect?

I’m not really sure what I’m doing so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you explain the authentication required for the MyCloud drive? I don’t understand how this is mounted and accessed.

I am also not clear on this statement. Can you provide some additional details here? Which account do you want odrive to log into?

I apologize I wasn’t very clear, I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

In terms of Authentication. If you’re asking the specific type of Authentication, I have no idea. All I know is that I must enter a username and password to access it. The drive shows up in ‘Network’ and appears as a PC sharing files it would appear. If there is anywhere I can screen grab some more info for you, let me know.

For the quote. I’m not trying to get Odrive to link to another account (such as linking Slack), I’m trying to get Odrive to have access to the folders where I need the info stored. For instance, when I first needed to access these folders, when you click on them, you are presented a login screen in which to gain access to those folders. So essentially I’m hoping that there is a way to tell Odrive to log into those folders in order to gain access, or even better, just grant it permanent access somehow.

Like I said I’m not sure what I’m doing, so if there is still information you need, or I’m not being clear about, please let me know. The only other piece of info that might help is that the folders have a green three way wire image next to the folder image, I think indicating it is a folder on my network and not on my pc. (This last sentence will probably tell you how far my knowledge on this subject reaches lol)

Thanks for your reply though, I appreciate you at least looking at the issue!

Okay, I think I have a better idea. This is on a Mac?

It sounds like the WD drive is just a NAS that is presenting its drives over a network interface (CIFS/SMB probably). If that is the case you should be able to mount that drive to your computer persistently, including providing the credentials for access. At that point any software that you have running, including odrive, will have access to the drive without requiring additional authentication.

Now, there may be a couple of options at this point:

It sounds like you may have odrive auto-downloading files from the #Returns slack channel (after linking Slack). Is that correct? If so, how are you planning on pushing the files into the other location? Will you be using an automated script, or something similar? If that is the case then odrive wouldn’t actually need access to that network drive, only the script would.

Alternatively I could see something like this being setup:

  1. Map the WD drive persistently (This could be a bit tricky, so we’ll need to understand the environment more, but it is a requirement in almost all scenarios anyway)
  2. Set the odrive auto-download limit to always
  3. Create a Pro Sync folder on the mounted WD drive and map that to the #Returns slack channel
  4. Let odrive do its thing

We are using Windows 10 actually, but you seem right on target here. I think after reading your post, that mapping the drive persistently would be all I need (I hope). So, now time for the stupid question, how do I do that?

Also, to answer your other questions, I do have Odrive auto-downloading from #returns. In terms of how I want those files pushed to the other location, I was hoping to have Odrive live in that other location, so hopefully no script would be needed. But if it’s not possible for Odrive to be living on that outside source then I guess a script would have to do.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your help so far.

Can you supply a screenshot of what you see when you are navigating to the remote drive you are accessing? I just want to make sure the interface is what I expect before going to mapping the network drive to a letter.

Once you have the drive persistently mounted as a drive letter (like Z:), you can use odrive right-click->Pro Sync to map a new folder in that network drive (Z:\Slack_files for example) to Slack\Channels\returns in your odrive.