SET AUTO DOWNLOAD & Right Click SYNC the local folder

Hi, I have the Premium License.
I am on a Windows 10 Pro system.
Auto Downloading appears to be working.
Do I need to REFRESH the local windows folder (via File Explorer) to see the downloaded file ?
I wanted to test the SYNC feature but when I right click the local folder the SYNC feature does not appear.
I use the OPEN ODRIVE FOLDER from the system tray to open up the local drive location.
I am downloading from a GOOGLE DRIVE that I only have READ access.
My need is to just download a copy of any new file that is posted to this GOOGLE DRIVE.

If anyone could shed some insight into this process.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @photomosaicwallcanad,
Thanks for reaching out.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing when you right-click on an odrive folder?
Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, so that I can take a closer look at your configuration?
Which folder are you trying to sync?

Hi, thank you for your response

This is my right click .

Here are my diagnostics :slight_smile:
current_odrive_status.txt (19.0 KB)

Hi @photomosaicwallcanad,
Thanks for the information!

Can you try updating odrive using this version and see if it fixes the right-click options

Exit the current running odrive before installing this new version.

If that still doesn’t address the issue, try a restart of Windows, when you get a chance. There may be something preventing the Explorer extensions from loading that can be cleared with a restart.

Hi Tony, OK I will install your version.
Do I have to REFRESH the Odrive Local folder to see the DOWNLOADED file from the Google Drive ?

Tony, SUPER … all 7 ODRIVE options are available on the RIGHT CLICK !

I am trying to get my Local ODRIVE folder to always show my DOWNLOADED Google Drive files with out having to refresh the FILE EXPLORER windows.

Will SYNC help me with this matter ?

Thanks John

Hi @photomosaicwallcanad,
Great! To make sure you always have everything in a folder downloaded you can apply folder sync rules to it.

Here is documentation on that:

Basically you will want to right-click on the folder, slide the slider all the way to the right, tick both of the boxes, and then click on the big sync button. This will set a rule on that folder that indicates you always want anything added to that folder to download automatically when it is added. Keep in mind that for Google there can be up to about 1.5 minute delay between adding new files/folders to remote and odrive seeing those changes.

Thank you Tony, that sounds perfect.
That is what I just did and I am awaiting for a few updates to be applied to the GOOGLE FOLDER to observe the AUTOMATIC Downloading.

Thanks for the excellent HELP service and an awesome tool !

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Sure thing @photomosaicwallcanad!