Selective Sync like Dropbox Client

I’m currently using Dropbox at work and Privat. I don’t want my privat stuff on my machine at work so I used selective Sync to only Sync the corresponding folders.

I have to switch from Dropbox to Amazon Cloud drive since the massiv Pricing increas of Dropbox Unlimited.

Is there a way to achieve the same sort of selective syncronisation with odrive?

Also any Ideas whats the best way to Transfer 46TB of Data from Dropbox to Amazon Cloud Drive?

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Hi @Petermanda,
odrive uses a concept of placeholders to allow you to selectively sync the content you want. It also starts with everything in a placeholder state. This means the linked accounts are collapsed down to .cloudf placeholder files.

You can read more about this here:
You can also read about making use of placeholders here:

As for transferring 46TB of data, that is a tall order. odrive cannot transfer data from cloud to cloud, so the data would have to be downloaded to a system first, then copied over to the other storage service. odrive is not intended for such a large scale job, so, if you were to you odrive, you would need to break up the set into smaller chunks, so that you can upload in stages.

There are services out there that specialize in cloud to cloud migration, like Mover, but they can get expensive with such a large data set.

Keep in mind that migrating from Dropbox to Amazon will result is some feature loss, like file versioning. Amazon is not the best service for uploading very large files, so keep that in mind, as well.

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