Select and download/sync multiple files at the same time

  • Select several .cloud files in Finder
  • Right click -> “Sync”
  • Only the first one syncs

It works just fine to unsync multiple files at once.

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This is a current limitation. Multi-select will only sync one file right now.

I have this same problem. Are the limitations within odrive, or osx?

It is an odrive limitation.

Win 5085

When I do a search on an Odrive set of folders (placeholders mostly) and get multiple results, I then highlight those results and tell OD to sync those found files. OD will only sync one file and never sync the others.


Any update on this problem?

Any update on this problem?

This will be fixed in the big release we are working on.

Hi Odrive team,

Any indication on when the “bug release” is due?

Lack of multi-select synch is a considerable workflow disruption for me.



I have ODrive for MacOS (High Sierra) - version 6386.
I have a bunch of .cloud files on a folder of mine, and when I try to sync (download) them together (selecting all of them in Finder then clicking “Sync” from the right-click menu), ODrive only downloads one file from those selected files.

Hi @budowski,
This is a limitation in odrive. The upcoming odrive2 desktop client. which provides a different interface, will allow multiple file downloads with a single action.

OK, got it.l, thanks.
I read the website, but I didn’t really understand the difference between ODrive and ODrive 2?
Also, if I have a yearly ODrive 1 subscription, can I switch to ODrive 2 instead?

Hi @budowski,
You can read a little bit about odrive2 here, along with the subsequent discussion.

odrive and odrive2 have (or will have) very similar fundamental pieces, but differing approaches and focuses. As development continues on odrive2, the overlap will become greater and odrive2 should near feature parity with odrive, along with adding additional features.

Premium subscribers on odrive can get corresponding credit on odrive2. Read here for more details:

Should be self explanatory with the image but lemme know if you have questions!


Hi @christian.d.battagli,
This is a limitation of the product, unfortunately. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi, end of 2018 here. This still does not work. Any workaround at least? This seems like a basic functionality which is missing for years…