'Save and apply to new files and folders'?

Can someone explain what this feature is, or what its supposed to do? When i was still on Premium, i checked both boxes just to be on the safe side, but now it seems like I’ve lost functionality to the second box, and as a free user I am concerned if its time for me to abandon odrive?

right-click > Sync

I tried checking the ‘Save and apply to new files and folders’ and now get the following message. What does this mean??


This is a feature we call “folder sync rules”. It’s an advanced sync feature that allows you to set a persistent rule on the specified folder, designating how new remote content will be treated, when encountered.

For example, if you were to use the settings you have above (“Everything” and “Include Subfolders”) and then you checked the “Save and apply to new files and folders”, any new files and folders in this folder that you right-click->sync(ed) will be automatically expanded and downloaded.

When “Save and apply to new files and folders” is not selected, the default behavior is to apply the global “Auto download limit” to any new remote files encountered. Any new remote folders will be shown as placeholders and not auto-expanded.

Hey Tony,

In our software, if many users ask questions about a certain feature, it must mean that its too hard to understand for your users :wink:



A comprehensive usage guide is coming soon! It will include this feature :slight_smile: We will need to figure out how to direct people to the information easily, as well.

This feature / checkbox is still named the same; as someone who has been using odrive this whole time, since before this question was asked, I still didn’t understand quite what it meant, and so had to go looking, and found this thread : )

Thank you for clarifying, @Tony .

I think it would be completely clear if the checkbox said “Save and apply to new files and folders inside this folder” … as for myself, I wasn’t clear whether it would apply globally, to my entire odrive, or just for this particular folder. I was unsure enough that I needed to google it, as opposed to being able to just try it.

Thanks again for this nice software.


Hi @dubaaron,
Its never too late for a good suggestion. I think it makes sense to add some extra verbiage to the checkbox to make it more clear. I’ll float that to the product team.