S3 File Folders not Syncing

I linked to my S3 files on my account similarly to someone else within my company and her folders are pulling up the correct data, but mine are all empty…

Hi @karley.roley,
The likely cause of this is the “Directory Structure” setting that is set when linking.

It sounds like you chose S3 Enhanced instead of simple ‘/’ delimited, or vice versa.

If there was existing data in the bucket, prior to anyone using odrive, then you should be using simple ‘/’ delimited as the directory structure.

To fix this you can just unlink and link again using the other directory structure setting.

Here are the relevant sections from the FAQ section at the bottom of the S3 link page here https://www.odrive.com/links/s3

What is the Enhanced odrive FS directory structure?
If you don’t have an existing storage bucket to link to yet, we highly recommend using the Enhanced odrive FS directory structure option to connect to your bucket (anyone else connecting to this S3 bucket in the future should use the same option).

You will notice improved performance, particularly on file move and rename operations. Always use odrive to access your Enhanced odrive FS bucket–your files will still technically be accessible using non-odrive applications, but the file and folder names will be encoded in such a way that it will be more difficult to browse around.

If you have an existing S3 bucket with preexisting data in it (or if you plan on accessing the bucket from applications other than odrive), use the Simple ‘/’ Delimited directory structure instead.

What is the Simple ‘/’ Delimited directory structure?
Information is stored into the storage bucket in the same way that Amazon S3 normally stores its information. By using a ‘/’ character in the file’s key, a directory structure can be simulated. That way, when you browse the bucket using the Amazon Web Services console or with a third-party app such as the S3 Browser, you see a file folder structure.

Unless you need to use the Simple ‘/’ Delimited directory structure, we recommend using the Enhanced odrive FS directory structure option whenever possible for best results.

Can I connect to an existing S3 storage bucket with existing content?
Yes. Please note that you will need to use the simple ‘/’ delimited directory storage option to connect.