Right click sync/unsync not available

I just installed odrive sync desktop today. When I open my file explore and navigate to a folder with files on the odrive I can right click and the syn/unsync and other odrive functions are visible. Once I sync one file, all the right click odrive options go away and I cannot unsync anything. The only way I can get a file to sync is by opening the file but I cannot unsync anything because the right click options are gone. My .exe file I downloaded from the website says odrivesync,4858.


Hi Michelle,
Can you try a system reboot to see if you regain your context menus? It is possible that they were not fully loaded during install.

Can you also tell me what version of Windows you are running?


Hi Tony,

I rebooted and was able to navigate to some files in a folder, unsync one file, then unsync the whole folder. After that, my right click options went away again. I get similar results no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall. I am running Windows 10 Pro

This is very odd.

Are you still seeing the icon overlays on the files in odrive (the green check marks on synced files and the pink circle on syncing files), or are those gone as well?

Do you see any odrive menu items when right clicking on items outside of odrive, like a file on your Desktop?

Does restarting odrive make them work again for a bit?

Are you running any anti-virus software or any endpoint protection software that may be interfering?

Are you running any other software that also adds right-click options? If so, which ones are they?

Finally, can you click on “send diagnostics” in the odrive tray menu?


I do not see any green check marks on synced items or pink circles on items that are syncing.

There are no odrive menu items when right clicking on files outside of odrive.

Restarting odrive does not help but if I go to uninstall and select repair I can usually sync or unsync with right click one time then it goes away again.

I am running Windows Defender and that is all.

I have sent the diagnostic report

Thanks Michelle. I am trying to see if if I can construct a way to better analyze what is happening here. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Michelle,
Can you download this .zip and run the .exe inside.

It will monitor for errors from the Explorer extensions. Once it is running, make the context menus disappear again. I am hoping it will catch something.

Also, I am guessing a restart of explorer is all that is needed to re-load the missing menus, instead of a complete reinstall of odrive. You can restart Explorer by going to the Windows task manager and right-click->restart on the Explorer process.

Hi Tony,

I downloaded the file and ran the .exe. A restart of windows explorer does temporarily solve the issue. I ran the exe file and had to restart windows explorer 3 times. One thing I did notice is that the time it takes for the right click menus to go away is longer. I am running the 4914 version of odrive now.

While the trace exe was running, did anything print out to it? I was hoping to catch something when the extensions are unloaded.

Can you also make sure you are running version 4938? You should already have it through auto-update.

Nothing printed to the trace. Yes, I am running 4938.

Also, now, even a restart of windows explorer does not make the right click menus appear.

Thanks for the follow-up @Michelle_Seibert.

This is a tricky one. There is one other person that is reporting the same issue. Can you take a look at this post and see if this is something you can try? I am hoping we can get some additional information to go off of.

Hi Tony,

I did follow this procedure and still do not get anything on the tracer.exe. I still have the menus for one or two syncs but then they go away. Sometimes a restart of windows explorer helps but sometimes I have to restart the whole machine.


I ended up doing an entire factory reset of my pc (I was having other issues) and it fixed this issue. However, I am not running into a different issue. Some of my folders I have the sync/unsync option. Other folders I don’t. Also, I unsynced a few folders and they disappeared from odrive. The still show up on my cloud drive that is linked though. Any thoughts?

Hi Michelle,
I’m glad the original extension issue is resolved, but I do want to figure out what this new issue is you are seeing.

Are you able to provide some screenshots of the affected folders with the above issues? I just want to make sure we are on the same page. Can you also send a new odrive diagnostic?


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