Right click on Path Finder (Mac OS X)

Is the right click context menu only available on Finder?

I use Path Finder exclusively on my Mac, so would definitely welcome it if the feature could be extended to Path Finder too.

Otherwise, is there a way to unsync or share links without right-clicking on Path Finder?

The context menus are done via OS X’s extensions framework. Unless PathFinder can make use of those, it most likely is not possible.

As an alternative, you could use the odrive CLI to create custom context menu options, which I believe PathFinder supports.

Is there another way besides context menus to toggle individual file/folder syncing?

Maybe a web interface or something?

Sorry for the delay in responding to this one. This seems to be a day I missed some things. The odrive CLI can be used to toggle syncing of files and folders. Did you take a look at that?

I took a look at that but wasn’t certain how it could be integrated into Path Finder.

Does odrive have a contextual menu plugin that I could drop into the /Library/Contextual Menu Items folder? That should do the trick.

Our context menus are coded against the OS X framework, so I don’t think there is anything that can be taken from that and put into PathFinder.

You can take a look at this post, which was written to help support older versions of OS X. The service items there may be of use to you in PathFinder