Resyncing an "offline" folder on MacOS


It’s been a little while since I have set up a new Odrive client and I just built a fresh install of MacOS 10.13.1 with a static copy of an old version of my sync folders which also have some new additions. I need to get those folders back in sync with their cloud versions safely and with minimal needless network traffic. Where previously I would use the “Manage Links” command per the basic docs but it appears that the latest version of Odrive no longer has this function, at least not in the Odrive menu like it used to be.

In short, what I need to do is sync two static folders which are out of sync with their versions on their respective Google Drive cloud folders. I don’t want to use the folders in the Odrive folder as syncing those would require a full download of the entire folder contents and then comparing them, presumably. I just want to link the local folder with the cloud version and have sync rectify the differences. How is that done now?


Hi @DarfNader,
It sounds like you can use “sync to odrive” to accomplish this. you would right-click on the local folder you want to have synced and then point it to the corresponding remote folder. odrive will attempt to reconcile the differences without uploading needlessly. The only caveat is that the local folder and the remote folder need to have the same name: