Restoring backup from Google Drive

Goal is to download Google Drive-based old computer backup onto new computer.
I can’t get web-view G-Drive to move or copy folders from a computer-specific backup folder into the top-level G-Drive folder, for subsequent syncing to computer. Gives me a server error message.
Also can’t sync to new computer using Google Backup and Sync program, won’t connect to Google’s old computer backup folder. Even renaming new Google Backup and Sync settings to old computer name, gives me instead a new computer name (1) appendage on the web view.
Can’t download from web interface because Google’s zip is incomplete.
At this point I can’t think of any way to get at old computer’s backup folder.
Am I missing a trick?
Thank you.

Hi @robbins.barry,
odrive doesn’t have a supported way to access these special backup folders that Google creates with its application, so it won’t be able to help, here, unfortunately.

This post seems to cover the same issue, although it sounds like you may have run through the same suggestions

Have you tried Google Takeout, yet? Maybe it will offer you a way to grab the data you are looking for without the errors you are seeing in the other Google interfaces.