Restore Deleted Files

I tried moving files from one folder to another so I copied them and pasted them (some were still non-synced cloud files). I then deleted the files from the original location and now I cannot load the non synced cloud files from the new location. Is there a way to restore the original files I deleted?

Hi @clark.boyd,
There may be a couple of ways to restore the files.

When odrive detects a delete, it will hold it in the “odrive trash” and not send it to the cloud storage until the user empties the trash or has set auto-trash rules. See here for more details:

If you’ve emptied the odrive trash already, you can still try to recover the deleted files from the cloud storage trash, if you use a service that has that (OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.). Access the cloud storage provider’s web client to take a look at that.

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I didn’t find the files in the odrive trash or the cloud storage trash. However, I had odrive with another computer and I was able to retrieve the files from this computer. Thank you for your help!

Great @clark.boyd! Thanks for the follow-up.