Response to billing e-mails?


after years of patronage and being part of the first batch of customers I wanted to express my disappointment about the lack of understanding on part of oDrive after I tried to leave.

On April 7th I received a renewal notice for my subscription and I immediately sent the following email to oDrive support:

Till Krueger
Fri 4/7, 11:11 PM

Please cancel my subscription and refund…haven’t used this service in months and am in financial dire straights due to long-time unemployment.

Till Krueger

When I didn’t receive a response the next day, I followed up with the following email:

Till Krueger
Sat 4/8, 12:22 AM


I wrote to you an hour ago, minutes after receiving your confirmation email. I would like to ask you one more time to extend to me the courtesy of canceling and refunding my subscription. The fact that I stopped using it almost a year ago after running into countless issues that took more and more of my time to try to resolve is only part of the reason I stopped using your service.

The last year has brought many hardships on me and caused me to have to move back to my native Germany, where I now live, looking after my aging parents. This and the fact that I have been out of work for almost a year put me into a position where I simply cannot afford this subscription any longer. Had I been using it, maybe I would have remembered to cancel it like so many of my other pricey subscriptions.

So, I ask you to kindly cancel it for me and refund the money to my payment method used (ending in 1981, I believe). If you do and could confirm the cancellation and refund you’d take a weight off my shoulders.

And rest assured that once things look up again, which surely they will at some point, I will become a customer again. Your technology is maturing, I hear, and is direly needed by digital creatives like me.

All the best to you and your team,
Till Krueger

the fact that my request was completely ignored saddens me. I know that business is business, but when even Spotify can come back with an immediate response (reversing my subscription and giving me a free month as a little encouragement and thank you) then I do not understand how a small team like yours can simply ignore my sincere request to help me out in a time of dire need. $100, sometimes, are a LOT of money, and when you’ve been out of work for so long, it means two weeks of groceries.

I know that posting this message isn’t exactly a nice thing to do, but since I was unable to reach you directly and am in the process of trying to somehow gain control over the expenditures that aren’t entirely necessary I thought that I’d give it one more try here to see whether you can’t help me out and provide me with a courtesy pro-rated refund.

And I stick by my promise to come back once things look up again…haven’t found a better solution than yours which addresses this complex process of dealing with syncing local and cloud storage.

Godspeed to you, the team and your community.

Hi @Till_Krueger,
Thanks for reaching out about this.

We make it a point to answer all inquiries, so this is really unexpected and strange. I just performed a quick search through our ticketing system and didn’t find either message from you, so I am investigating. I will follow-up with you directly on this.

You have our sincere apologies that it was missed.

Tony, I know that you were always extremely helpful and responsive when trying to help me resolve the many issues I came across when working with your earlier versions of oDrive and transitioning from the free to the Pro to the Premium programs.

Both emails were sent to "", so maybe I made a mistake sending them to that address? I’d be happy to forward you both of those emails if you’d like.

Thanks, as always, for trying to help, Tony.

Hi @Till_Krueger,
I sent you a PM, please take a look when you get a chance.

I haven’t been able to figure out why your e-mails were missed. All e-mails to go into a central ticketing system where our accounts team addresses them within ~1 business day. The only thing I can think of is that they were sent to spam and overlooked. Again, my apologies for this oversight.

In the future, please do not hesitate to message me if a question via another medium goes unanswered.

that is very kind of you, Tony, and - as I said - what I have come to know and appreciate about your style.
thanks again for getting on this so quickly and effectively.

all the very best until I can return to the flock and continue exploring this evolving technology and your tools.

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Just got word from billing that they took care of me and I thanked them for it.

You rock, Tony!
I’ll be back.

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Glad things are sorted out now @Till_Krueger. Sorry for dropping the ball on this one.

Please, no need to apologize, Tony. You’re a master juggler.

Bedtime here in Germany. Have a good week and beyond!

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