Reset the odrive trash

I understand the odrive “trash” actually does not delete files on ACD.

I mistakenly overwrote a folder on my laptop, which put the whole content in the odrive trash. Luckily everything is still on ACD. I therefore proceeded to unsync the folder and now odrive sees the version stored on ACD.

However it put everything in the odrive “trash” and I now have ~2k items in my trash bin. This is slightly scary since if anyone clicks on “empty trash and sync all deletes” that would delete very important folders on ACD (at least that’s what I understand). I mainly use odrive as a one-way backup system and most of the time when I delete something locally there is no reason for me to want to delete it on the cloud.

Is there a way to “reset” odrive’s trash bin so that there is no delete to sync?


Hi @clem.renault,
If you were to unsync the parent folder of the deleted items, that will negate the odrive trash objects. It sounds like you did perform an unsync, but maybe it wasn’t at a high enough level to affect all of the items.

You can use the CLI to check detailed info about the items in the trash, to make sure you know where odrive thinks those deletes happened. Take a look at this post here for checking odrive status, including trash, from the CLI:

Once you identify the proper parent folder(s), and unsync there should cancel out any pending deletes.

Ok. It seems that the parent folder of all these files is actually way too high my folder tree that I don’t want to unsync it. It’d be nice to have a way to just ignore some local deletes.

Thanks anyway