Request for option to have unsynced files moved to OS trash

I was hoping all files would go to the trash after unsync (OSX). However, they didn’t and simply disappeared. Guessing this is a feature, may I suggest an option for that?

Hi Jim,
Only files that are synced (meaning they exist safely in the cloud), are unsynced. If you issue an unsync command on files that are not yet in sync, odrive will pop a dialog asking if you want to force the action, which means that the files that have not yet been synced will also be removed. When we remove those unsynced files, we attempt to put them into the OS trash, if its possible to do so.

Since unsynced files are in the cloud and can be retrieved, can you tell me why you would prefer them to also go into the local OS trash?

It’s easier and faster to retrieve, especially when it is done by mistake (or later regret) with many files. All you do is press cmd+z. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the reply Jim. There was a request yesterday for a confirmation prompt on unsync. Would that be sufficient, so that you can prevent accidental unsync?

Thank you for the attention.

I believe an option to use the trash would be better. Sometimes the regret comes after a while. That would be useful when dealing with many, many files that would otherwise take too long to download.

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@Tony @Jim Hello Tony,

I some way I can agree with Jim. Because even if the “Undo” function is available in the oDrive Menu, it does not always work as fast as someone would hope to, at least when this happened to me while working with OneDrive. Maybe other could storage options work faster or sync better, but when I accidentally “unsynced” the files, using the Ctrl+Z or “Undo” Option would not work in most cases. I had to force close oDrive, and upon restarting it, it forced synced again, undoing the mistakes I made.

So maybe it would be better if unsynced files would move to the OS Trash, so then the Undo option would work much faster.

Thanks for taking it into consideration.

Best regards,

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I much prefer how it currently works. I would rather not have to go empty the trash every time I unsync something. If this is implemented, please have it be optional :slightly_smiling:

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I agree with @lukeabell. Make it optional. :wink:

unsync is the best ODRIVE feature. It leaves you with a safe Folders tree of what’s in the cloud and takes ZERO bytes. Why would you like to remove that?