Request for an "in the queue" indicator on files and folders

A file or folder being managed by odrive has several states.

When actively being synced (uploading or downloading) with the cloud storage there is a pink circular arrow symbol (on a mac - windows badges might be different). If the folder itself, or any files within the folder, are active the folder is marked too.

When fully synchronized with the file copy in the cloud there is a blue checkmark, indicating that the local copy and the cloud copy are the same.

When unsynched, there is no badge (ball, dot, marker, whatever) and the file name is replaced with a .cloud or .cloudf file name.

I have run into a case where I am mapping a lot of folders to a cloud location, each containing a lot of large files, using odrive PRO. There is apparently a delay between the time the map is made and when odrive begins to synchronize the contents. During this time the folder appears as it did before - no symbol, and the PRO option still appears on the menu (Mac folder extension, Windows and Mac right click). This makes it appear that the PRO mapping did not work correctly. The delay would be different depending on your situation, how busy the could is, etc, but in my case this can be anywhere from a few minutes to many hours depending on how many uploads are ahead of you in the odrive queue.

(I am assuming there is some kind of queue management here!)

I think there needs to be a new indicator that shows that the PRO mapping did work, and that the folder and the files in it are waiting to be processed by odrive. Ideally one could mouseover or see the current state of the quest (how many files yet to be processed, this files current position, and perhaps the estimated time until it can be processed).

Anyone else see this as a useful and/or necessary idea?

Thanks for the thoughts! We will certainly be discussing this, especially regarding feedback from the PRO mapping.

Hi Doug,

Quick follow up question: Are you not seeing any badging on new PRO folders after they are added through the browser? Under certain conditions it could take a while for the badging to appear, but it should happen fairly quickly after the cloud folder is mapped.


I’m away from my server at the moment, but that is exactly the symptom I’m seeing. Do the map, looks like nothing happens, but the folder is mapped and the files are not yet syncing.

Thanks Doug, when you get a chance can you shoot over the diagnostics from the server and ping me here when you do? We’ll take a peek and se what’s going on.

Diagnostics sent…

Hi Doug, I’m having trouble finding what is the user name for that particular computer?

should be System self-upgraded to 4980 while I was away, now shows some files as waiting. too

Hi Doug, sorry I meant the computer user name e.g. C:/Users/Dougs_server, the username you use to log in to the account on the PC. You can PM it to me if you’d prefer, thanks!

Eric & peter,

I have isolated a new issue, which should probably be reported under troubleshooting, but as long as you’re looking at my diagnostic report there may be a clue hidden somewhere.

Recall that I am attempting to PRO map a USB drive location to an existing odrive folder. The USB drive location contains the original files, the odrive folder contains corresponding unsynced .cloudf placeholders that match the files in the USB location.

I select the USB folder, choose the PRO option from the Mac finder extension, follow the web page to select a destination folder and select the destination in odrive. The USB location opens in a separate finder window. I expect that the USB location would briefly get a pink sync-in-progress badge or dot, and the files inside would get blue synced badges fairly quickly. As peter pointed out earlier in this thread, it looks like none of the badging happened.

We had assumed that this is because a large number of files were awaiting processing by odrive. However, this may not be the case.

After the above procedure I navigate to the odrive tray menu and see a list of PRO folders that I can open. Lo and behold the recently added PRO folder appears in this list with the word “[invalid]” after it. When I click on this I am presented with options to cancel the action, to remove the PRO mapping or to change the location of the PRO mapped folder. When I choose the last one, a finder dialog opens and I can navigate to the exact same folder location on the USB drive I had just picked. Highlight the same folder again and click the Open button on the lower right. At this point the tray menu goes away, the location opens again in a separate finder window, and this time all the files get their little blue sync badges within a couple of seconds.


It looks like the folder location from the original pick process is registering the folder name, but not the location, correctly.

Give you something to go on?

Diagnostic log including the above steps sent. The folder affected would contain the text “Chef_Hunter” and the user login name sent to Eric in private mail yesterday. Time of the transactions covered would be around 10:20 AM CST on 10/18/16


Thanks Doug! Will pass this additional info over to engineering.

Hey Doug

Can you confirm if the USB drive was removed at any point? If yes, does the USB drive have the same path as before?

The “Invalid” note you see is odrive saying the local path could not be found. This could occur if the local folder was moved or is no longer accessible (disconnected USB). If it was just temporarily inaccessible, clicking on the folder in the menu will cause odrive to reverify. If the local folder path exists, the pro sync folder will return to normal state.

BTW, if the pro sync folder is invalid (meaning odrive can’t find the specified path), there won’t be any badges.


USB drive was not disconnected and the path was not changed. The second action (where I chose to change the location) was less than a minute after the initial PRO mapping. (the only reason it took this long is that the list of folders is not sorted, and I have a couple hundred in there). The location did not change, the permissions did not change. and (i just verified this) the folder location under the tray menu no longer shows “[invalid]” and does open the correct folder.