REQ: Create Linux topic

Could you please create a Linux topic - it is excruciating trying to find information, tidbits are buried within many topics, and frequently duplicated (in replies containing original) such that it is very difficult to get a cohesive, coherent, and linear sense of anything.

Having a single Linux topic is probably not going to help in this regard. We do have the “I have a Question” section where specific questions can be asked and searched.

Did you have any specific questions concerning the Linux Agent? I noticed you already asked one about refresh in the Agent thread.

We have more formal documentation here, as well:

I am looking to go to forum top and filter out all non-Linux topics. Will not a Linux topic permit that?

I have used ‘topic’ here as that seems to be the local parlance - in other places it would be called a label, or a tag. Or a separate forum.

Added: Perhaps topic was the wrong word … try ‘category’. So I can click odrive icon, click linux, and be filtered. New posts and replies should maintain the linux tag.

I believe you are referring to categories/sections.

I do not want to add a category for Linux because most questions are applicable to all platforms. The sync engine is the same across the board. The major difference are in the user interface and platform-specific optimizations.

There is a tagging system available in the forum which can allow tags to be applied to topics to assist in searches and targeting of specific platforms, features, behavior, where applicable. I will start experimenting with this, going forward.

Perhaps the category should be ‘scripting’, then.

Mind you, the forum software makes it excruciating to sort through what’s what. Between powershell, mac, bash, et al,