Reporting for file change audit -- write/delete/move (ie. who screwed up!)

I’ve switched several customers to because of the robust reporting mechanism, especially when we need to track down how a file or folder went missing and where it is. It has saved customer bacon many times.

However, Box has been causing us some heavy headaches, especially with syncing just breaking and stopping randomly for certain users, certain folders, no apparent rhyme or reason. So I plan to start moving people away from it, preferably to Odrive/Google Cloud Storage combination. Are there any plans to implement user-level file change auditing and reporting? Or is that better left to the storage provider due to the overhead involved?

Hi @rkorkie,
We don’t have a way to track file activity in this way, so we can’t provide the service, ourselves. What about Google Drive? They have a pretty nice history and activity tracking system built in.