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Hi - I am replacing a computer that is currently link to Amazon Drive via the ODrive. We have an external drive that syncs to the following file structure on Amazon: A\ A\ subsequent files and folders with different names. Not sure if you can help us with this, but on Amazon we want to move the A folder that’s currently under the root A folder (same name) to the root of Amazon drive. Do we rename the root A folder first before we move the other A folder one level up? If we rename the root A folder, do we have to wait for any kind of sync? On the old computer, what do we need to do with the ODrive syncing to Amazon and the external drive.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
Since Amazon Drive is object-based instead of path-based, you can actually move the remote folder and odrive will still be able to sync with it. odrive is targeting an object id instead of a path.

For example, you let’s say you have a relationship setup like this:

Computer 1 (Old):
Local folder is Z:\B
Remote folder is /Amazon Drive/A/B
From the Amazon Drive web client (, move /Amazon Drive/A/B to /Amazon Drive/B. odrive will still be able to sync properly (Z:\B <-> /Amazon Drive/B

Computer 2 (New):
On the new computer you will just setup the sync relationship in the normal way, targeting the folder in the new location on Amazon (/Amazon Drive/B).
Local folder is Z:\B
Remote folder is /Amazon Drive/B

Let me know if the above makes sense for your situation.

This is great, thank you!

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