Renaming folders properly

Hi there,

Can you tell me the best-practice way to rename a folder on any given cloud storage? It seems that if I rename a folder on one computer in Odrive, another computer running Odrive re-uploads the old folder name and gets a new foldername.cloudf.

For example:
Amazon Cloud Drive/test exists and displays on two computers running odrive
On computer 1, I rename test to test1
On computer 2, I get a new file named test1.cloudf and computer 2 starts uploading all of the test folder to Amazon Cloud Drive

Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, thanks for the report. This is unusual.

Is the test folder in sync on both computers? Is there anything “Waiting” or “Not allowed” on either computer?

Is the test folder fully open on both folders or do they contain placeholders?

After the rename, if you open test1.cloudf on computer 2, do you see all the content in test1?

Thanks for your help.

Also, do you have any files open during the move?

I have not been able to reproduce the issue.

The test folder is in sync on both computers, but Computer 2 is also syncing a bunch of other folders & files.

I have to remote in to Computer 2 (currently traveling) and can’t login to it right now. I can run the test once I can get back in.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, was finally able to gain access to the remote computer again.

tl;dr: Once the initial sync completed, this issue no longer presents itself.

I did some testing, and it looks like it was an issue because this computer was still completing it’s first sync. After that finished (which I sped up by removing some folders from the sync), this issue no longer presented itself.

I will say that the initial sync from this computer was almost 2 TB of files to Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive, so that may be a longer initial sync than you’ve been able to play around a lot with.