Renaming a Google Drive Folder causes full reupload/copy?

I discovered that when you rename a large folder for Google Drive, Odrive seems to reupload the contents under a new folder and deletes the old one rather than just renaming the folder. I discovered this when I was trying to open an html file and it had suddenly turned into a gdoc file.

I feel like copy and upload is bad way to handle renames. The file changing into gdoc I think happens because I had the convert to gdoc on upload setting turned on. However, why would it have changed my html file into a gdoc?

Hi @tanner,
Apologies for the inconvenience. odrive tries to optimize the move so that is it just a straight move, but that can sometimes be missed when picking up local changes. When it is missed, it will be seen as a delete and add vs a move. Generally a move within the same Google Drive account should be painless. We are working on ways to improve this so that moves are caught and optimized as much as possible.

For the gdoc conversion, odrive doesn’t have any control over that. I believe when you have auto conversion enabled in Google, it will convert HTML files to gdocs because they are a “supported file type” for viewing within Google, as listed here:

Okay thanks for confirming. I think this should be looked into because you can imagine the ramifications of an entire library being reuploaded with the setting checked. It can be a very serious issue when dealing with mission critical files.

Thanks @tanner. We are definitely working on improving the behavior and consistency.