Renaming a file is creating another

Hi, I use an external drive to upload pictures to the O drive. While renaming one of the files on the external drive and upload it, a copy of the file was created under (Storage Archives).
Any idea why this would happen?
Thank you,

Hi @lbenitez0609,
Thanks for reaching out.

Can you clarify what “Storage Archives” is? A copy of the file was created in a different folder?
Can you provide some additional details on the behavior you saw?
Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

Yes, that’s the behavior we saw. Instead of renaming it created a copy of the file under such folder. What takes place when you rename a file on the source drive that is being uploaded to the O Drive?

Hi @lbenitez0609,
When you rename a file, it should just rename it on the remote side. I can’t actually see how it would result in a copy in a different folder.

If you can reproduce the behavior and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, I can take a closer look at what could be happening. My initial thought is that it isn’t odrive making the copy, but something else.

What storage is this?

Can you clarify if the following is an example behavior you saw?
On the local side A/myfile was renamed to A/myfile_renamed. odrive syncs the rename so that A/myfile was renamed to A/myfile_renamed on the remote side (this is expected behavior). Additionally, B\myfile_renamed was created (this is unexpected).

Hi Tony,
Thank you for your quick response. I am actually relating the information our Executive is providing. Is there a phone number we call and talk to someone about this and other questions about the odrive and photo archiving in general? Thank you again.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
We do not offer phone support, but you can certainly ask me any questions about photo archiving. You can also e-mail our client service team at

For the copy of the file, I would really just need some more information to understand the scenario better. A diagnostic from the desktop would provide this, if it could catch the occurrence.

Hi Tony, thank you again for your response. So we met with our Executive and this is what happened. She uses an external drive as the source to upload pictures.Video to Amazon Video. There are two folders that are configured to Sync up. One is about 1.5TB in size with multiple files and folders. She renamed that folder, and what we are seeing is on the source drive, the original folder with the old name, a new folder with the new name, and folders being sync to it, and we are guessing up to Amazon Photo again, On the local drive (C:) there is a cache copy of the same folder that is being synced down. Is ti save to stop the sync on the local folder?

Hi @lbenitez0609,

Engineering is already taking a look at this, but they have a few clarifying questions for you just to make sure we all understand what’s happening:

  1. She has two folders on external drive storage configured with the “sync to odrive” feature to directly sync with two folders on remote Amazon Photos storage. One is 1.5 TB with multiple files and folders.
  2. She renamed “that folder”… can you confirm which exact folder and where? (e.g. the root folder on external drive storage for the sync-to-odrive relationship, the root target folder on Amazon Photos remote storage, or a subfolder from within the external drive sync-to-odrive source folder, etc.)
  3. Also, just to make sure, these folders had already completed syncing before any rename was done, right? Or did the sync-to-odrive folders get set up and while they were syncing, the folder [need to know which specific folder] was renamed?
  4. Then you see on the external drive there’s folders with both the old and new name (with folders being synced to “it”… this is the folder on the external drive with the new name?) and possibly activity up to Amazon Photo remote storage, too.
  5. You also see a folder on the local C: that is a cache copy of the folder with the new name? Is this because you have a separate/normal odrive link set up to the Amazon Photos storage with automatic download settings turned on?
  6. And one of your questions is whether or not it’s okay to stop the sync on the local folder on C: ?

We’d like to hear your responses, but we suspect it’s okay to stop syncing to a C: folder if the C: folder is just trying to sync down new info as an observer that is not acting like something that the odrive app thinks is a source of new changes. We’re continuing to investigate the other behavior.



One thing you can try to reset things back to normal with the sync-to-odrive folders is to remove that sync-to-odrive configuration and set it up again:

  1. Right-click on the external storage folder and select Remove Sync.
  2. Rename the folder properly on the remote side in Amazon Photos so that now they should match (and get rid of the new folder that was created on remote to undo its creation from sync).
  3. Now set up the sync to odrive folder again. It should reestablish the direct sync relationship and try to merge local and remote again. Since the files exist on both sides, it should not try to upload anything.

Let us know if that helps.


Hi Jeff, We’ll try that and see how it goes. One question, when I stop the sync on the external drive, what would happen to the contents? Would they stay on the drive or be removed? That’s our main concerned. Thank you.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
That is correct. When you “remove sync” on a local folder, the local and remote data remains as it is. When you add it back, odrive will go through the local and remote data and determine what is already synced and skip uploading it again.

We have a new drive that we want to use. The settings for the sync is pointing to the old drive and the folder structure. How do we replicate that on the new drive without deleting or removing anything from the Amazon Drive. It also shows lots of items that are pending.
How do we stop it? Thank you

Hi @lbenitez0609,

Can you explain this? I don’t quite understand.

If you are talking about switching your local “sync to odrive” folder to another location. You would like to:
1 - Right-click->“Remove sync” on the current folder
2 - Right-click->“Sync to odrive” on the new folder and then point it to the same remote location.

For example:
Let’s say your current configuration looks like this:
/Drive1/Documents -> /Amazon Drive/Documents

and you want to switch this to:
/Drive2/Documents -> /Amazon Drive/Documents

You will right-click-> remove sync on /Drive1/Documents to remove the “sync to odrive” relationship
You will then right-click->“Sync to odrive” on /Drive2/Documents and point to /Amazon Drive/Documents