Removed GMail linking and access

Tony wrote in Announcements: "We have removed GMail linking and access due to tighter Google API restrictions. It is possible it will make a return, but we don’t have a timeline for when or if this will happen.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes our users."

@Tony: can you explain more about what this means? I have several Gmail accounts and they all have corresponding (free) Google Drive space. I have connected these accounts to Odrive, so I can see what is inside these multiple Google Drives via Odrive. Is this no longer possible?

I am looking for some additional information as well. We have a client that uses oDrive and all of the user accounts authenticate using a Gmail account specifically created for this purpose - will this change break the desktop sync application installed on desktops?

Hi @karinvdbosch and @tmalloryhscct,
Sorry for the confusion here.

Only the GMail option has been removed. This does not affect the ability to login using your Google account and does not impact your Google Drive storage links.

To clarify, we offer the ability to link your Google Drive storage and, previously, you could also link your GMail as a separate storage link. The GMail storage link was a read-only link and would allow you to browse your attachment files in your GMail e-mails.

I know that the terms “GMail” and “Google Account” have kind of become synonymous with each other, which makes it confusing. I will try to clarify this in the announcement, as well.