Remove sync pairs

How can I remove sync pairs? I’ve deleted some folders offline (and have no way of knowing how the path looked like) and now odrive still lists them under the “sync to odrive”-context menu - but I want them gone. Any way to do that/manage those?

Hi @Robpollard,
If you’ve deleted folders that were linked using “sync to odrive” then they should be listed as “[missing]”:

Click on the listing and it will bring up a windows that will allow you to remove sync on that folder, or find it:

If the folder still exists, then you can right-click on it and select “remove sync”:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I thought I tried clicking on it but back then it only lead my to my default documents folder on win10 - which prompted my request here. Maybe it was because the context menu is a bit wonky, but when trying it according to your instructions, it worked flawlessly (I had to make sure I put the flickering cursor correctly on the field).

Thank you, Tony! :slight_smile: Swift and helpful, as always.

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Glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile:

Does this work on Win10?
I am also trying unlink a “Sync to Odrive” pair, but when I try to right click on it, it just opens the linked folder.

Hi @maccra,
It may not be clear from the picture above, but you want to right-click on the folder, itself.

The odrive menu will present the options shown it the folder is “missing” otherwise clicking on it will take you to the folder. From there right-click on that folder and select “remove sync”.

Ok… Now I got it. No… it was not to clear from above picture.
I would prefer (suggestion0 adding “remove sync” into a context menu for each pair which has been synced.
Thanks for the explanation