Remove "not allowed" list that dont appear in the finder as unsynced anyway

how to remove files that are in the “not allowed” list? they do not appear in the finder as everything looks to be synced. They also appear to be documents that end in gdocx but so many files are synced with that ending?

Hi @sioux,
The items listed indicate that there are remote items that cannot be created on your local system.

If you click on one of the items listed in the “not allowed” list, it will provide you with the reason why it is not being allowed. Usually this will be due to characters in the name that are not allowed on the local file system.

You can then go to and rename them to allow them to sync locally.

yes I understand all that. But ow do I delete this notification?
and like I said I cant find these files that are listed in my odrive anyway -

Hi @sioux,
You can’t find them on your local system because they cannot be written to the file system.

You can find these items in your Google Drive. If you rename the items to exclude the illegal characters they will properly sync and will be removed from the “not allowed” list.

I cant find them there either - I meant the finder for my odrive - weird right?

Hi @sioux,
Are you able to locate them if you search from the Google Drive web client?

Additionally, you can send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu. This will also create a file in the root of your odrive folder named “current_odrive_status.txt” . Can you send that file to me?