Remove/disconnect/stop sync for a particular folder

I have (at least) 2 Windows computers syncing and sharing (at least) 2 main folders. But now I want to stop syncing one of the folders on one of the computers. This link mentions a “Remove Sync” option:

But I do not see such an option when I right click on the folder I want to stop syncing (in Windows Explorer). The only relevant options I see are Sync, Unsync, and Refresh.
How should I proceed, please?

Hi @mbarre2004,
Remove sync is used for “sync to odrive” folders, which are folders outside of the main odrive folder. If you are talking about folders within the main odrive folder, there isn’t a way to completely remove sync, but unsyncing will amount to pretty much the same thing. Unsyncing a folder will collapse it to a placeholder files and not more syncing will occur for that folder.

And since unsyncing a folder will remove the contents of that folder from the computer, if I want to keep the contents on the computer, I need to copy the contents to a different folder before unsyncing, if i understand correctly.

Hi @mbarre2004,
That is correct. If you still want the files on your local system, you will need to copy them out before you unsync the folder.