Remotely Deauthorize a Device

I have odrive installed on two laptops and a desktop if one of those devices was stolen or somehow compromised it would be an added security level to be able to login to odrives web portal and deauthorize that device and have any local content unsynced and the device signed out.


I agree this would be an awesome security feature.

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kinda like a remote wipe

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I tottaly agree! Dropbox, Google and other services have this feature.

This would be an awesome feature to have.

Ideally this feature could be combined with independent 2FA. You can get some of this functionality using Spaces.

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Hi Ethan, could you please clarify what you mean by some of these features are available with the use of Spaces? I had a look at the documentation on Spaces and it wasn’t very clear to me about how it worked or how using it could provide the deathorisation/remote deletion in this feature request.


It’s a half-baked solution at best but you can make each device a separate “user”. Removing the share would prevent the missing device from downloading any additional content. Content already synced would remain on the device and if the computer belonging to the account owner was stolen, you are screwed.

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Upvote from me. I was sure that it was a standard feature but I just realised there is no way to wipe remotely and deauthorise a device, which is a big problem.

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