Remote files not syncing after client closed

When using odrive client on windows 7 linked to onedrive, files that change on the client sync fine, and any changes made on onedrive while the client is running also get synced down fine. However when a change is made on onedrive or by another machine while odrive is not running the changes are not detected. If the folder is manually refreshed the changes are picked up fine.

Any help, thanks.

Can you clarify what you mean by “when odrive is not running”? Do you mean that you have closed odrive, or something else?

If odrive is not running it will not be able to pick-up remote changes.

For instance, when the machine is shut down and a change occurs on another PC it doesn’t sync the change down until the folder is refreshed.

As long as odrive is running, it will pick up remote changes.

When you first start up odrive, after it has been shutdown, it may take some time to pick up changes because it performs a scan of all of your content, which is a more intensive and time-consuming process. During this time, a manual refresh can prioritize the scan of that particular folder, giving the result immediately instead of waiting for the full loop to finish.

Would that explain what you are seeing?

It looks as though about half an hour after the client starts it picks up changes as usual.
Thanks for the help.

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