Remaining space on each cloud provider?

This seems like such an obvious question, but can Odrive tell me when I am low on space for a given cloud provider, or do I need to log into each individually to tell?

sorry if this is pedantic, new user here

and a follow up question, when I choose to sync a local folder, it asks for a destination cloud service. My impression was the odrive client would “spread all data across all providers evenly” without my needing to choose?

Hi @jpanenka,
Thanks for reaching out.

For reporting the remaining space on your remote storage, we do not have this feature yet, but it is something we would like to offer and there is an existing feature request for it here:

For your storage question, odrive does not use the linked storage as one huge, aggregate storage pool. When you use the “sync to odrive” feature you will need to specify exactly where you want to sync that data. The advantage of this is that you can still access and manage that data in native ways (including mobile) without needing an additional layer management for the storage abstraction.

Of course, there are some cool advantages to pushing everything into a single namespace. There is an existing feature request for this here: