Releasing storage by unsyncing

Hi there

I recently lost my hardrive which had approx 400GB of RAW images. When I got my new harddrive, I Got Odrive to sync back all the pictures. However, it sync’ed back to a “Odrive” folder. I then subsequently COPIED these files to the original “Pictures” folder location on the same drive.

What is the best way of removing the local copy files in my Odrive folder? Should I simply unsync this folder? I am worried of simply deleting the folders in the Odrive folder (as it might delete the cloud version of these files - which I want to keep).

I hope this makes sense?

Hi @rigveda2005,
Yes, unsync is made specifically for this use case. You can unsync the files to remove the storage from your local system, but keep it in the cloud. Take a look at our documentation here for more details: