Reinstall Windows - what happens to odrive settings/folder?

Reinstall Windows - what happens to odrive settings/folder? Will i loose what has been downloaded already and sync settings?

Also what if the drive i have the odrive folder on dies? Can i replace the drive and the same configs will be pulled down?

Hi @iptvcld,

If you reinstall Windows then your odrive configuration settings will be removed. You would need to reapply those settings once you installed odrive again.

The odrive data folder resides in your user profile directory. You could move that to a backup location and then “restore” it once you reinstalled Windows and installed odrive again. Here is a post with more information on that: What would be the safest method for an Windows OS reinstall?

The configuration settings are specific to the machine, and only stored locally there (we do not store system-specific settings in the cloud). If a drive failure caused the settings to be lost then you would need to reapply those settings once you recovered from the failed state.

Thank you and if I want to make a regular backup of the config files. Would that be possible? If so, what do I need to backup?

Hi @iptvcld,
On Windows the configuration files are located in your user home directory in a directory named .odrive. However, backup copies of these configurations won’t be very useful and could actually cause unexpected side effects.

First, the configs are encrypted and tied to your Windows user and machine. If you need to reinstall Windows these configs won’t be readable anymore.

Additionally, the tracking information that odrive stores to manage sync states could cause some unexpected effects if you were to restore an older version of that database alongside an up-to-date view of your locally synced data.