Redownload to (instead of copying to) new location: will this work?

I have a Storage Spaces Pool (Win10) synced (via external folder sync) to odrive/google drive. Because of local network constraints, I want to recreate this Pool somewhere else (still on the same machine!), but without having to copy everyhing over with the windows file explorer, but having the files redownload via odrive-software.

This is my plan:
Step 1: Make sure all my files are fully synced/uploaded to Odrive (Gdrive)
Step 2: Unsync the whole storage pool (say: Making cloudf.files of the whole storage pool)
Step 3: Turn off odrive
Step 4: Copying the whole folder structure with all of the cloudf-files to the new pool (with the exact same path/letter drive)
Step 5: Turning on odrive
Stet 6: Turning on the full sync again, thus letting odrive redownload the files, creating an exact copy of the previous storage pool

Will this work? Or am I missing something?

Hi @Robpollard,
What you could do is move your odrive folder to the other location from the odrive menu (move odrive folder). This will create a new odrive folder in the specified location with all placeholders. Then you can perform a recursive sync (right-click->sync->Everything and include subfolders) on that new folder to download everything.

Tony’s suggestions didn’t apply, since it was an external folder. What I set out to do worked, though! I did it exactly as I described.

It’s quite amazing: Since I’m lucky enough to have symmetrical Gigabit-Fiber, it’s relatively quick and painless to move huge datasets around without having to copy them from a to b, but instead letting osync download the dataset to the “new” (/old) location.

Thanks for the update @Robpollard. I may have misunderstood the original setup. I think I understand now, though.

In your case you were using a “sync to odrive” folder and wanted to have that local folder reference now point to a new physical location?
So, for example, D:\Data was mapped to storage pool X and using “sync to odrive” to sync to Google Drive\Data. You wanted to change it so that D:\Data is now mapped to storage pool Y and still linked to Google Drive\Data?

Jep, that’s exactly what I did. I previously used an external USB-HDD-cage to house the storage pool (Win10 Storage Spaces with parity), but changed this setup to the data having an own server, but using the same HDDs, this time placed internally, forming the new storage pool (same(ish) setup, with the same data).

Since I had not enough money to buy new HDDs, I “unsynched” the old pool, exited odrive, copied the folder structure (5mb in size) to a temp location, built the new server, mounted the new storage space (with the same letter) on the “original” server and copied the structure over and started odrive again. I then chose “download everything” in the dialog of the “sync” command of the top most folder, which prompted the re-download of the entire data within the structure, thus saving me the PITA of copying the stuff over HDD by HDD or having to buy new HDDs. The 17 terabytes should be in place again within the next two days.

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