Reconciling local folder with odrive placeholders and folder compare

I’m trying to understand how odrive placeholders would work with folder compare utilities such as FreeFileSync. These utilities can compare any two folder’s, look at the contents of each folder, and identify files that are equivalent, missing, changed in folder A or changed in folder B.

So if I have a local computer folder (Folder L), and an odrive folder with placeholders (Folder O), I would like to understand if the utilities can read the required information (such as file name, size, date, etc) to compare that file in Folder O with the local Folder L.

In addition, if I then update any newer files in Folder L to the cloud file in Folder O, will the cloud storage actually get updated to the latest version of the file that was copied into Folder O?

Hi @norm,
I’m afraid that type of a utility would not work with odrive placeholders. Even if it wasn’t performing a binary comparison, it will not be able to understand that the placeholder represents physical storage located somewhere else. The utility will just see a 0 byte stub with a different name (.cloud).

Are you trying to automate copying data from a local folder into the odrive folder for syncing/backup?

Hey Tony… thanks for the response.

In general, what I’m trying to do is make sure that I have the latest and greatest files as I consolidate into one location. For example, say I have a documents folder on OneDrive and also a documents folder on my local computer. I have duplicate documents in those folders (yeah, unorganized) and want to consolidate them into one folder and make sure that I’m getting the latest version of any duplicate document.

Hi @norm,
We have a Premium feature called “sync to odrive”. It will allow you to map local folders, like your Documents folder, to the Documents folder in OneDrive. You should take a look and see if it would suit your needs: