Recommended "premium_conf.txt" settings for gigabit connection (1Gb) to increase speed?

Can anyone point me to the best settings for the following for a strong gigabit connection that averages around 800 Mbps up 900 Mbps down?

"maxConcurrentDownloads": ???, 
"maxConcurrentJobs": ???, 
"maxConcurrentUploads": ???, 
"maxTransferMBytes": ???

I’m hoping to saturate my connection as much as possible as I have an enormous download task to complete (multiple terabytes). I’ve tried a few settings (including the default) and seem to be stuck around 250 Mbps.


Hi @joerivera,
Can you tell me what storage you are downloading from?

Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive

Hi @joerivera,
The speed for download will depend on a number of factors.

Storage source is one. Given the sources you mentioned, I would expect Google Drive to provide the most performance, in general. You may end up being throttled after a period of sustained transfer. You may also have your API request throttled if they exceed a certain rate (this is especially true if you are downloading lots of smaller files).

ISPs can start to impose throttling after sustained bandwidth use, as well.

Speed will also heavily depend on the size and number of files. If you have lots of very large files (GB size), you will get better speeds than if you have lots of smaller files.

Here are some general guidelines:
“maxConcurrentDownloads” - This regulates the total number of downloads you can have going at one time, per job. If you right-click->sync a folder you will likely have 1 job for that folder.

“maxConcurrentJobs” - This is the number of jobs you can have running at once. If you are performing several right-click->syncs at the same time or are syncing against multiple source at once, these can trigger multiple jobs

“maxConcurrentUploads” - This is like the maxConcurrentDownloads setting, except for uploads. This won’t be relevant if you are only downloading

“maxTransferMBytes” - This is a maximum size for concurrent files being transferred. If you have lots of GB size files to transfer, you will want to bump this up pretty high to allow for concurrency.

“InitialUploadBatchSize” - The number of files to initially allow for upload.

Additional documentation here

Give these settings a try:
"initialUploadBatchSize": 4,
"maxConcurrentDownloads": 12,
"maxConcurrentJobs": 4,
"maxConcurrentUploads": 6,
"maxTransferMBytes": 10240

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Thanks so much for all this detail, the explainers for the attributes really helped! I’ll give those numbers a try to start.

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These settings made huge performance increases for me, as I too am on a Gigabit connection. I almost uninstalled without giving Odrive a chance because of the speed differences between the Odrive client and the native client (in this case, Google Drive) with the default install.

Suggestion - make a “dropdown” or something in the client so that the user can pick what type of connection they have, and depending on that, then these type of settings will be applied automatically. For advanced users that “get” this stuff, these types of changes are okay, but for the normal business user or work from home user, they aren’t going to know to check for stuff like this, and they’ll just think that Odrive is slow…

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