Recent blog posts?

Every time I see that the last blog entry is from November 16 2016 I get a bad feeling…
You really need to make sure that there is some activity somewhere on you homepage to keep customers coming.

If I discovered Odrive today I would not have given it even a second look as it appears to be abandoned.

Frequent blogs, then nothing is a sure sign of problems.

…so; if you guys are still going strong - Tell us about it!
(if not, please let ut know that as well…)


Hi @tom.nikolaisen,
Not to worry, we are definitely still around, and continuing the grow the team. We have been (and are) in a very heavy development cycle for a massive revision of odrive, which we are trying to get out as fast as we can. With that release will come all of the supporting stuff, which is being queued up right now.

Don’t worry about me; I’m reading the forums and I’m already a paying customer! :slight_smile:

My point was simply that your website appears dead and abandoned. You are definitely losing customers this way…


I agree, your website appears dead.

Your response to Tom, well, that there is a blog post that tells the world you are still alive and kicking. Copy and paste that paragraph and let the world know odrive is still alive. It will only take 30 seconds away from your teams deep development cycle, and we will all feel better.


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