Reappearing Google Docs

Whenever I delete a Google Doc from my desktop, it reappears after a few moments.

It briefly appears in the odrive trash bin, but whenever I try to manually sync this delete (BTW I find this rather annoying) I get an “exceeded drive limit message”

PS - I have “automatically delete trash” selected.

Hmm… The error indicates that Google is limiting the API requests you can make to it. It is strange that it would only affect deletes, but it is possible it is happening on background syncs, which are not exposed to the user (they are just retried).

Can you trigger this again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu please?


Well this is unusual! Error will not repeat itself this time.

Previously the problem was reproducible, but seems to have gone away. Will let you know if it comes back.

Google is notorious for having aggressive API limits. I believe you were hitting these limitations, which was preventing you from performing the actions you wanted, as they were being rejected by Google.

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Thanks! Can I assume that these requests are counted in the cumulative - i.e. All API requests/calls from all my Google-linked cloud providers are marked against me (not just odrive)?

At the user-level they are cumulative per Google service, although I believe there are some limits they may impose across services. The throttling they use is a little bit mystery, it seems, since it doesn’t strictly conform to their (limited) posted information.