Read / write disk performance with odrive

I’m wondering what the disk performance of the odrive Mac client is. I’ve noticed that the disk performance of a Google Drive volume using the Google Drive File Stream client on Mac is pretty woeful:

  • there is a 90% performance penalty versus the speed of the underlying disk (an SSD in my case)

  • disk performance using the Mac client is 5 times slower than the Windows client on the same machine (using Bootcamp)

By contrast, the disk performance of Dropbox on Mac is identical to the disk itself - there is no performance penalty whatsoever in reading / writing files to Dropbox’s folder versus a regular folder on the disk.

I’m wondering what the disk performance of the odrive Mac client? Is there any performance penalty when reading & writing to odrive versus a regular folder? And I’m assuming odrive’s disk performance would be identical across all cloud storage targets it supports?

Hi @mstgrv,
This isn’t something we test, but performance should be the same since odrive is just looking at the disk to determine what to sync and not acting as a proxy for I/O.

I ran a quick test with dd and the performance looks the same for operations inside and outside odrive folders.