Random Subfolders Non Synching

I’m a single user, and not an IT person. I use (multiple) G-drives and have them synch to my desktop via O-drive. I’ve noticed that just recently on of the sub-folders in a G-Drive folder is not synching back to desktop. I’ve right clicked and selected “synch”, and made sure “everything” and “Include subfolders” is checked - but nothing showing up. I’ve also tried refresh. Still not showing up. I’m out of ideas as to how to fix this/what problem is. Can someone help!

I’m working on a HP with Windows 10.

Sue Mann

Hi @sue.mann,
Are you seeing the folder, but it doesn’t have any contents, or is the folder not showing up at all?

If it is the latter, it may be that the folder has some illegal characters in it that are preventing it from being written to your Windows system. If so, you should see it listed in the “not allowed” section of the odrive menu.

If you choose “Send diagnostics” in the odrive tray menu, a status report file will be created inside the odrive folder called “current_odrive_status.txt”. Can you send that over to me via direct message? You can direct message me by clicking on my name here in the forum and selecting “Message”.

Tony - Thank you - this was so helpful. It was the latter. As soon as I read your reply I wondered if maybe length of folder name may be the issue. Which I hadn’t thought to check prior to your message. I shortened it up and bam! it showed up on Windows Explorer. So guess I had exceed Windows Explorer folder path length! Sue

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Nice work Sue! Thanks for the follow-up.