Questions about oDrive syncing large sets of data

Hello, I need help for this questions:
1 - Syncing a lot of files (2.500.000 files, totalling 3 terabyte). The syncing in the oDrive have limit of space for storage?
2 - There is direct link for files included on odrive? Because we need to put this link on Excel to open directly file in oDrive when we share the link with other person;
3 - After sync a folder, it ever sync new files inserted in this folder with the oDrive or we need to insert the new files in the folder of oDrive to sync? (Example: There are files in “C:/files” and we sync this folder with oDrive, but the folder of oDrive is in “D:/oDrive/files”, after we insert new files in “C:/files”, the syncing will put this new files in “D:/oDrive/files”?)

Hi @antonio1,
This sounds more like a business IT use case. odrive is designed for individual use cases rather than these types of large-scale, solutions. We are actually working on a product that is geared for this based on the same platform that odrive2 is built on.

As far as odrive1 is concerned for your questions:
1 - Syncing this many items will carry quite a bit of overhead. When working with large sets like this, we strongly recommend breaking the data up into “chunks” (100,000 - 200,000 objects at a time) for syncing, so that you can unsync those chunks after they have been uploaded to reduce the work and overhead, and then move to the next chunk.

2 - You can create shared links and Spaces to share access of your files with others:

3 - You can use “sync to odrive” to map and create sync relationships between local folders and remote folders. The files synced in this way can be viewed via the default odrive folder, but only if you convert them from placeholders to real files/folders. Otherwise you will only see the placeholder folder (.cloudf) for the remote folder and you will not have duplication of data locally.

From your description, I would recommend waiting for our forthcoming product, mentioned above, that is purpose-built for these types of solutions.