Question about syncing

Just curious, does odrive detect binary level changes and only sync the modified portions or does it upload/download a new version of the file each time?

Good question @DocGrim.
Currently none of the services we integrate with support block-level syncing (differential/delta sync) via their API, including Dropbox. If/when they do, we will certainly be looking into this type of functionality.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply! I thought this might be the case as I didn’t see any options for block level syncing from Amazon Cloud drive.

Tony, just asking to see if anything has changed in the past few years.

Do any of the backends available afford block-level file syncs when used with odrive? E.g. S3, DropBox, OneDrive?

I understand it’s not possible if the API doesn’t support it, but are there any options?


– roy

Hi @roy,
We have not seen any changes in this area in the integrations we maintain.